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Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene Wash Lactacyd® Feminine Hygiene Wash

Extra Care for Special Days

There are days when women need extra protection. These are the days when you are most susceptible to irritation and infection.

Special Days For Women - Use Feminine Hygiene Wash

Women undergo emotional highs and lows during special days like menstruation, pregnancy, post-natal period, menopause, and during and after the prolonged usage of contraceptives and antibiotics. These emotional roller coaster rides usually spring from unseen hormonal changes taking place inside a woman's body. Such fluctuating states of hormonal production lead to the weakening of the vagina's natural acidic layer. Now, more than ever, a woman is more prone to acquiring bad bacteria in her most intimate area.

Why not relieve yourself of the trouble during these trying times? Use a Feminine Hygiene Wash that's right for your intimate area and improve your mood. A Feminine Hygiene Wash rich in Lactoserum.

(also called, Whey or milk plasma) and Lactic Acid is effective in offering extra protection during those special days, giving you a fresher and more confident feeling inside and out.

Care for yourself. When you feel good on the inside, you'll feel even better on the outside. A clean, refreshed feeling boosts your mood, makes you stand taller, makes you feel more beautiful, and gives you pride knowing you're at your best even on your difficult days.

For women, everyday is a special day. Use the right Feminine Hygiene Wash daily.


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