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How it affects?

You might think that an infected vagina is a simple problem since it's just a small, hidden area in your body. Think again. Anything that goes wrong in that tiny, delicate spot may affect not only your body, but also your mind and your emotions. This could result in poor performance at work, ill temper at home, and at disorientation at school if you're younger.

When the natural acidity of your vagina is disrupted, there's ample room for infection to grow. An infected vagina leads to feelings of discomfort, bad smell, itching, soreness, and pain. When you feel uncomfortable, you can't think well, nor do you have proper control over your emotions. Soon after you'll see that stress is your new best friend, slowly taking a toll on you and making anything you do a disaster.

How vaginal infection affects your daily performance

Vaginal Infection


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