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On Vaginal Infections

Is it possible that someone can have several kinds of vaginal infections at the same time?

Yes, a woman may have 2 to 3 infections at the same time. Vaginal infections can co-exist simultaneously because a vagina with such a low defense-system can attract all kinds of potentially harmful organisms. Fortunately, this rarely happens. The most common observation among vaginal infections though, is that bacterial vaginosis usually accompanies trichomoniasis. These different organisms thrive in an environment with a very low acidic level. Symptoms of all of these infections combined will be a lot harder to bear since they're in full force. But this is curable. See your doctor immediately for quick relief and treatment. He or she may prescribe you with Metronidazole (an antibiotic) or Lactacyd® for these types of infections.

Do not attempt to self-medicate. If you suspect an infection, consult your doctor immediately.

When my vagina smells bad, does it always mean there's an infection?

Not really. If the odor smells like dead fish and is accompanied by yellow-ish or grey-ish vaginal discharge, then it indicates an infection. If you experience any of these, go see your doctor immediately. These symptoms suggest that bad bacteria are multiplying in your vagina. Sometimes, bad odor from your vagina may simply mean you're eating the wrong kinds of food with odorous oils that end up secreting with sweat. Or probably, you have neglected your hygiene in some way. Another reason might be that you've excreted too much sweat from your body, which includes your vagina. All sweat gland secretions are basically the same components as urine. So, sweat mixed with natural vaginal secretions, and slight urine leakage might smell a little bad at the end of a long day. You can easily prevent and cure this nasty smell by using the right Feminine Hygiene Wash at the beginning and end of the day.

Is candidiasis or yeast infection contagious? Can I get it by sharing a toilet with an infected person?

No. Candidiasis or vaginal yeast infection is not contagious like the flu. Actually, every woman has yeast in her vagina, but in very small numbers. Once the vaginal environment is disturbed, the imbalance gives way to an overgrowth of the existing yeast in the vagina. When the good bacteria in the vagina are overpowered by too much yeast, the defense goes down resulting in infection. Some ways to prevent candidiasis are to eat healthy, avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics, and wash daily with a gentle Feminine Hygiene Wash.

Why are diabetics more prone to yeast infections?

Women with diabetes are more prone to frequent vaginal yeast infections. A small amount of yeast cells are present in every woman's vagina, but are not harmful as long as they do not multiply. Their growth is suppressed by an acidic environment in the vagina. But in women with diabetes, vaginal secretions contain more glucose (or sugar) due to higher amounts of sugar in the blood. Yeast cells flourish with this excess glucose, causing an overgrowth resulting in a yeast infection. Also, hyperglycemia (or an abnormal high level of glucose in the blood) weakens the immune system which promotes yeast multiplication. A diabetic woman will be susceptible to other infections because her ability to fight off bacteria has been blocked by the combination of excessive yeast as well as high blood sugar.

The best thing to do for women with diabetes, who have yeast infections, is to take the full amount of medication recommended by their doctors. When medications are stopped earlier than prescribed, the infection can return and can be even stronger than before.

Should I go to my doctor immediately when I experience a rash, or should I wait for serious symptoms?

Don't wait till the rash in your vagina worsens before visiting your doctor. This is not a wise practice at all. You should never compromise on your health. If you experience a simple itch in your vagina, or other symptoms like soreness or bad smell, seek medical attention right away. Immediate treatment is way better and a lot more practical than a delayed one because this allows you instant relief. It also requires shorter time and possibly fewer expenses for medication.

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