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The Vagina Natural Defense Cycle

You are woman, you are beautiful; but are you confident of taking care of what's special?

Hygiene is the cornerstone of your upkeep: you take a bath twice a day, brush your teeth after each meal, and use a deodorant to keep fresh all day.

However, you may not even be aware that you are neglecting your most intimate area. Just as you would keep your visible areas of the body healthy, so should you make a habit of caring for your intimate area.
The vagina is the canal leading from the opening in the vulva to the cervix of the uterus. It is also referred to as the birth canal.

A healthy vagina has natural protective mechanisms that inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. Its walls continually produce secretions to provide lubrication, to cleanse it, and maintain its proper acidity to prevent infection. However, several external factors, including using the wrong cleanser, can counter the vagina's natural protection. Soap will only increase the pH in your intimate area, disturbing the natural acidic protective layer and cause harmful bacteria to multiply. These bacteria may eventually enter the vagina and cause vaginal infection.

For lasting confidence and protection, gynecologists recommend you wash your intimate area at least twice a day with a special intimate cleanser.

Do not compromise on feminine hygiene. Not caring enough is never an option. You deserve the best care and protection. Use Lactacyd®, with Lactic acid and Lactoserum, which maintain the natural pH of 5.2, to minimize your chances of irritation.

Functions of Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is very vital in protecting your intimate area.

  1. Decreases the pH in the intimate area,
  2. Increases the acidity, and in turn
  3. Creates a favorable environment for the desirable microbial balance.

This kind of pH-friendly environment enables the growth of lactobacilli and helps maintain an effective cycle of the intimate area's acidic protective layer.

Lactacyd® – a Sanofi product is rich in lactic acid and helps maintain the balance of your intimate area pH, which in turn contributes in maintaining vaginal pH as well.

The Vagina's Natural Defense Cycle
Vagina's Natural Defense Cycle - Lactacyd India


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