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Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene Wash Lactacyd® Feminine Hygiene Wash
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Why Lactacyd®

Every day you use a body wash, a hand wash, a face wash, a shampoo, and much more to keep yourself clean and healthy. Sadly, you forget about an intimate wash. Some settle for soap, instead, and some just wash with water.

Different parts of your body have different pH values. The skin of your hands, legs, scalp, and face do not have the same pH values, so each requires a specific cleansing product to match its own pH.

Soap is harsh! Everyday washing with soap can weaken the natural protection of your intimate area because its pH value does not match that of a woman's intimate area pH, which can lead to the multiplication of infection-causing bacteria.

Right pH for intimate area  - Lactacyd India

Your delicate and sensitive intimate area needs more pampering and protection than the other areas of your body. Unlike ordinary liquid soap, that may destroy the natural acidic protective layer of your intimate skin, Lactacyd® carries a pH 5.2, closer to that of a woman's intimate area. Lactacyd® also contains Lactoserum and Lactic Acid, which strengthens the natural protection of the intimate area, so you are free from itching, irritation and bad odor, and can feel clean, fresh and confident all day long.

Why use a special feminine wash for sensitive areas

Take care of yourself because you are a woman, and by that, you are very precious.


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